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Student Help | International Students

International Students

The International Center provides comprehensive services to assist all needs of F-1 students with a one-stop-shop approach. Additionally, the International Center strives to provide assistance to enhance the internationalization of student life, campus culture and the college community by helping to prepare students, faculty and other stakeholders for the global challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century.

As a member of NAFSA: Association of International Educators, the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC), and the American Council on Education(ACE), the International Center has a deep commitment to the educational enrichment of its students and the intellectual development of its faculty. The Center staff believes that international education and international exchanges are fundamental aspects of this academic commitment as they broaden perspectives, enhance critical thinking and decision-making skills, and provide individuals a keen sense of self and others. Our passion is to promote and support students, faculty and the community toward global citizenry.

Popular Questions

  • What if I have an I-20 from another school and want to take classes at CSN?

    You are welcome to take classes here at CSN. However, you must maintain a full course load at your current school. The classes you take at CSN will not count towards your full-time enrollment for that semester. For more information, please contact the International Center at iss@csn.edu.

  • Where can I get housing?

    While CSN does not provide housing for our students, there are many options around campus. View our housing options page for more information.

  • I just got my F-1 visa and will come to CSN next semester. What do I do next?

    When planning your trip to Las Vegas to begin your studies at CSN, please remember to arrive a few days prior to Orientation to help you acclimate to your new home. Your Orientation dates can be found in the materials mailed to you, and also online on the International Students Orientation page. Please note, however, that Federal Regulations prohibit a new F-1 student from entering the United States more than 30 days before the Program Start Date listed on their I-20. For more specific information, please contact the International Center at iss@csn.edu.

  • What if I have a visa type other than F-1?

    Every visa category has its own immigration regulations and study restrictions. Students will need to bring their passport and I-94 (arrival/departure record) to the International Center (IC) at the Charleston campus. The IC will determine the parameters under which a non-immigrant may study on their current visa. The IC will issue a letter that students will need to take to the Registrar's office to register for classes. If the IC is not able to issue a letter, the student will be informed and referred to the Registrar's office.

  • What documents do I need to submit to be accepted to CSN?
    • A CSN International Student Application, completed, signed and dated. 
    • A Personal Statement describing your educational goals. 
    • Proof of English Proficiency such as TOEFL or Michigan Test scores, or U.S. college or university coursework.
    • Transcript, translated into English, indicating successful completion of the equivalent of American high school.
    • Proof of financial support
    • An Application Fee of 50 dollars (U.S.).
    • Copy of your passport page.
    • Mail Options Form.
    • Immigration documents (if applying from within the United States)


Be sure to browse our FAQs for a full listing of all Frequently Asked Questions

The College of Southern Nevada provides equal access/equal opportunity for education and employment to all. For more information visit http://www.csn.edu/nondiscrimination

International Students Contact:

International Center
6375 W Charleston Campus
Las Vegas, NV 89146
P: (702) 651-5820
F: (702) 651-5821

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