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Mi Familia Vota : Ya Es Hora Citizenship Follow Up Program




Mi Familia Vota, through the Ya Es Hora (YEH) Nevada coalition and its community citizenship workshops, has helped over 500 legal permanent resident fill out their citizenship N-400 forms in their entirety. Our goal is to reach out to these participants of our workshops and gauge where they are in the process of citizenship process in order to assess how the members of the Ya Es Hora coalition may be able to assist the participants through the process. It will be the objective of the Mi Familia Vota – Ya Es Hora Citizenship Follow Up Program to create databases and processes for making the above mission possible.


Winter internship program objectives:


1)     Become well versed in citizenship process in order to screen questions

2)     Contact all participants from 2011 workshops

3)     Record any additional data participants provide

4)     Create report on participants’ progress through citizenship process

5)     Will be confirming pre-registered attendants for our February 25th workshop

6)     Help facilitate February citizenship workshop

7)     Put together presentation on results from participant follow up program in a community forum setting


Internship details:


-        This internship will be an eight week program

o      Beginning Tuesday, January 3rd

o      Ending Tuesday, February 28th  

-        Time commitment is 6-12 hours per week


Intern requirements:

-        interns should be bilingual

-        interns should be interested in helping Latino communities progress

-        interns should be willing to work minimum of 6-12 hours weekly

-        interns will be required to submit written reports of weekly progress through project


Internship outcome:


Through their participation in Mi Familia Vota’s Citizenship Follow Up Program, interns will be more well informed on the citizenship process and the challenges individuals face while trying to complete it. They will also have a greater knowledge of the organizations working to assist the local Latino communities through the citizenship process as well as provide essential services to the community.



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